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Nephew's Discount Liquor and Wine Team

Get To Know Us


Matthew Nephew

Store Owner

Matt first started working in the liquor and wine business in 1988 and purchased Filion's Liquor and Wine in 1996 from Richard and Cecile Filion.  In his spare time, Matt enjoys boating, running, cross-training, traveling and spending time with his family.  He loves Bajan rums and Californian zinfandels.

Shannon Nephew

Marketing/Social Media Specialist

Shannon has been a scientist since 1996 and works full-time at SUNY Plattsburgh as a chemical hygiene officer and Chemistry instructor.  Outside of work, she  loves travel, running, cross-training, reading, gardening, cooking/baking and spending time with her family and their dog, Bodhi.  She loves whiskey, vodka, California Cabernet and Italian Chianti.

Bill Hogle

Sales Associate

Bill is a retired elementary school teacher.  He started working in the liquor business in 1976.  He enjoys spending time with his family, which includes 3 new grandkids.  His favorite part about working at Nephew's is meeting new customers who become friends.

Coming Soon

Steve Lepage

Sales  Associate

Steve enjoys travel, golf, gardening, cooking and spending time with his family, including his 3 wonderful grandchildren. .

Jimmy Marceau

Mike Bechard

Sales Associate

Mike is our resident computer guru and enjoys spending time with his family and his two sweet golden doodle pups!

Jimmy Marceau

Sales Associate

Jimmy was a professional actor for 30 years and a drama teacher part-time.  He worked in an SAQ and as a library clerk at the National Library of Quebec.  He loves reading, cinema, music, volleyball, karaoke and skydiving.  He loves animals, especially dogs.  His favorite foods are Chinese, Italian and seafood and he enjoys vodka, sauvignon blanc, champagne and shiraz.


Darcy Castine

Sales Associate

Darcy loves spending time with her family and being outdoors...hiking, camping, swimming, biking, running and gardening. She retired from Burton Snowboards and works part-time to visit with coworkers and customers (and for the wine discount, haha!).  Red wines are her favorite...Cabs, Zins and blends.

Bodhi Atlas

Store Mascot

Bodhi is a 6 year old Siberian Husky.  From time to time, you may see him in our marketing campaigns or even roaming around the store on special occasions. He was trained as a therapy dog, but he spreads his magic everywhere...hence his nickname "Bo Magic." If you see him around, don't be shy-he would love to meet you!

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